Walnut Creek Civic Arts And Education 2017 Fall Classes

The Walnut Creek Civic Arts Summer Class Catalog is now available!
Check out introductory ceramics, sculpture, raku, sodium vapor, handbuilding, surface decoration, functional pottery, and more.

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Our Spring Sale has ended. Our Fall Warehouse sale is coming August 25-27!

Sale Hours

Friday, August 25: 5 pm-9 pm
Saturday, August 26: 10 am-6 pm
Sunday, August 27: 10 am-4 pm


Civic Park Studio [corner of Broadway and Civic Drive]
1365 Civic Drive, Walnut Creek, CA  94596.
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Art pottery, sculpture, dinnerware, stoneware, raku, salt- and pit-fired works, along with glass art, jewelry, gourd art, paintings, photography, pottery, textiles and more.

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Instructions for Entering Your Inventory Online

CAG Spring Sale: April 29-May 1

Send your inventories ASAP, but no later than Monday, April 18, following the instructions below.

The easiest way is to type your inventory into a Microsoft Word, Word Table, or Excel document
and email it to saleinventory at clayartsguild dot com.

1. Type your three-letter code + 2-digit item number, and then tab once — no commas, no spaces, nothing except ONE tab.

2. Type your three-letter code and tab again.

3. Type a short description of your piece** and tab again.

4. Type the price in whole dollars with NO DOLLAR SIGNS and NO DECIMALS.

5. Type return once and do the same thing for your next item until you
have all of them done.


It is important to follow the format instructions exactly. If the info is not in this order it will have to be corrected. Extra info and spaces will have to be removed before the data can be imported into the database. That takes a lot of time for our volunteers.

When completed, attach the document (titled with your name) to an email
and send to saleinventory at clayartsguild dot com.

A copy of your inventory will await you when you come to the studio for check-in. Pricing labels will be printed and available to you in the studio.

*You can also write the inventory on Excel using the fields ordered the same as
above: three-letter code + number of piece, three-letter code again, description of piece, price.

**In your descriptions, it would be helpful for statistical purposes to use common
terms like sculpture, plate, platter, cup or mug, bowl, vase, pitcher, jar, casserole,
tile, planter. This helps us give you more accurate feedback after the sale.